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Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as “AI” for short, is revolutionizing our reality, improving several fields of vital importance. But few people know the true advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

There are people, who love the benefits of AI, including me. But there is also the other side of the coin, where many people oppose any advancement of such technology. What side are you on?

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial intelligence in our daily lives with Detail.

In the first place, there are currently a large number of pros and cons within artificial intelligence, however, we will list the pro and cons that this robotic intelligence gives us.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The benefits of artificial intelligence are incredible, what this area can offer us, is to evolve definitively and move on to the history of artificial robots. Here is a list of the main advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives.

  1. Great benefits for companies:

Immense organizations will take advantage of this situation because if artificial intelligence brings with it robots that are capable of doing what a person does but even better and faster, everything will change.


Companies save money in fee payments, there will be fewer complaints about absurd work increase, and the vacations of employees disappear. There are a few advantages of all that exists.

2. Tasks that man could never have done:

There are advances that human beings have not been able to make, either because it affects the integrity of the researcher or because of a lack of technology.

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We have limitations that robots do not, so they can get where we do not, such as:

3. Space Exploration:

Here the robots could have great advances; the exploration of space would not be a problem for these machines.

The advantages offered by these artificial robots can fall as a ring to mining companies and the possibility of starting the march to find new discoveries of our unknown world.

4. Reach the depth of the earth:

In the area of mining, it is worth mentioning advantages such as safety in the excavation and extraction of fuel.

In the search for new discoveries on earth, it highlights the possibility of examining the ocean and other places where humans have not been able to reach.

5. Prediction of long-term situations:

The self-learning of these algorithms is so incredible that the more you learn in the day to day, the more information will reach your database, which will lead to an accurate view of possible problems in the future.

6. Less time more effectiveness:

The mental process of the human being at times tends to tire, the emotions and situation that we live produce that our effectiveness and spirit of doing things in our work get worse.

If we were to be replaced by artificial intelligence machines, none of the previous situations will be decisive in the face of work performance.

These systems of artificial intelligence learn in a way that the human cannot, and the speeds that reach in fulfilling the functions for which they were programmed, the human can never think about overcoming them.

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They are faster at learning and do not get tired when doing things. Their speed causes them to do it in less time.

7. Greater probability of success:

How are they created to learn over time and automatically share this information with the rest of intelligent prototypes, the effectiveness is impressive. This is an advantage for medicine and other areas were making a mistake is deadly.

8. Reduction of insecurity and fraud:

New forms of network scams or new vulnerabilities to hacking have been constantly seen, thanks to artificial intelligence, these shortcomings will begin to disappear progressively.

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The automated technological minds will go in each attack learning from the enemy and neutralizing, in such a way that the more attack, the more information of the hacker.

9. Artificial military security:

It is no secret to anybody that the great world powers like Russia are implementing artificial intelligence to boost their military defense. They want to be ready for any threat and robots can be created as analytics of the enemy or as artificial deadly weapons.

10. Radiation detection:

It is an important advance in tumor surgeries, the precision helps to improve the point where radiation is applied, generating success and avoiding damaging the surrounding tissues.

11. Faster and more victorious surgeries:

There are surgeries of an urgent nature, speed is paramount, and these artificial minds can get to perform surgeries very fast, and with total success. Also, Artificial Intelligence in the not too distant future may seek solutions to cure diseases.

12. Not exhausted:

We all want a staff that does not get tired, never complains and that it is economical, it is the dream of every entrepreneur. The robots came to meet these expectations, which until a while ago, seemed impossible, but we are currently full of cravings waiting for the next creation.

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With the passage of time, more benefits will be developed and more technological advances will appear in artificial intelligence.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here is a list of the main disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives.

1. Systems that require a lot of time and money:

The results that we obtain thanks to these technologies are interesting, nevertheless, reaching such feats costs a lot. Therefore, the capital that these great technologies require can only be achieved by giant corporations or developed countries.

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2. Increase in unemployment:

The preferences of corporations for new intelligent robots are increasingly common. In fact in the United States increased the rate of unemployment. Thanks to the organizations decide to change their employees by robots.

The efficiency and speed with which intelligent prototypes work generate a very striking impact on business owners. One solution to this is to learn how to create artificial intelligence, so you monitor them.

3. Technological dependency:

As the advantages accustom us to the comfort and suffixed quality of work. We begin unconsciously to depend on these wonderful benefits, that this artificial intelligence gives us, without taking into account the consequences that this produces.

4. Lack of creativity:

The result of an organized and limited algorithm generates a lack of creativity, therefore these robots will develop with a lack of creative imagination.

These advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence are undoubtedly things that could happen in our daily lives. These benefits are already being applied to reality, some already exist, but they are in the testing phase. Imagine that everything is controlled by intelligent machines, what is the worst that can happen?

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